Model Wing span Wing area Lenght Weight Profile
Bird 1480mm 11,89dm2 920mm 420g HN 354


The plane model "BIRD" is designed for the downhill flight racing
in the category to 60 inches. The purpose was to draw up a simple and
effective model, which with its aircraft performance would compete
other models in this category. I cooperated with the best Czech pilots
in category F3F during rising of this model. They defined the basic
conception of the form, the measure and settlement of each part.
The prepared grounds to model study were calculated with streamlined
calculations. During these calculations were defined plane
profiles, butterfly tail surfaces and alignment. Then 3D drawings of each
part could arise. The exemplar for this model was prepared with
CNC machine tool and we could exactly keep all these values. The result
is geometrical, symmetrical and precision product.

The model "BIRD" is produced for the downhill flight in the basic version.
Resistance and stiffness of model fill requirements for this kind of flight.
We test stronger version of the whole model with using carbon and aramid for
the flight in extreme conditions. In next time will finish the version for
electromotor using, "BIRD-E". This version should be used for lissome flight
in calm conditions. Or it could be used for the category F5B "BIRD" - standard version.

The plane is produced by vacuum technology.
The sandwich structure creates - balsa - glass fabric.
We can replace the balsa with Herex, if you wish.
The raft is created with two flanges from carbon 1600 TEX, which
are jointed by Herex and fibreglass. The plane has ailerons and we
can add lifting flap according to customer wishes.

Butterfly tail surfaces are the same construction as the plane.

The fuselage is produced from fibreglass and is reinforced by carbon in hard places.
The fuselage is constructed by the way when it is not necessary to use micro servos
and receiver. RC equipment is placed in the front part of the fuselage.
This is available by cab with string lock. Under one plane is installed laminated
tube for ballast. Other parts of the fuselage are sealed up for controlling tail surfaces.
The plane is fixed to the fuselage with two screws M4 and butterfly is adherent.

We can add to the model these accessories:
- caps serv
- imbus screws M4
- imbus key
- iron string incl. the endings.

"BIRD" standard - weight:
- the plane - 260g
- the tail surfaces - 30g
- the fuselage - 100g

Pictures of the Bird are located in gallery.